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The relation of this work of blotting out of sins to the second coming of Christ, determines when it must take place. It just, precedes that coming; but the last work Christ does before his coming, is to make the atonement in the most holy place of the heavenly Sanctuary This, therefore, must be the time when, and the place where, this work is done.

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But if sins are to be blotted out, they must somewhere be written ;. On this point the Scriptures, are very explicit.

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Thus the Lord says by Jeremiah " For though thou wash thee' with nitre, and take thee much soap, yet thine iniquity is marked before me. By Moses the Lord speaks as follows " Is not this laid up in store with me, and sealed up among my treasures " Deut. In precisely the same manner speaks the apostle Paul " But after thy hardness and impenitent heart treasurest up unto thyself wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of ,God, who will render to every' man according to his deeds.

Such expressions as these" iniquity marked," "laid up in store," " wrath treasured up," etc. All the texts which speak of the blotting out of sin must have reference to the same great fact. David,accordingly prays that God would blot out his transgressions. Nehemiah prays respecting certain ones, that their sins may not be blotted out.

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David and Jeremiah make use of similar language. In Isa. And in the previous chapter 43 25 he speaks of this blotting out of sins as being necessary in order that they may be no more remembered. Judgment, are matters of the most explicit revelation. In that awe-inspiring view of the Judgment given.

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Thousand thousands ministered unto him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him the Judgment was set, and the books were opened. John also saw the books in connection with the Judgment work. He says "And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God ; and the books were opened; and another book was opened, which is the book of life; and the dead were judged Out of those things written in the books, according to their works.

Thus it is evident that the sins of all men are entered upon the unerring heavenly records, and that the time is coming when the sins of all those who have repented and been converted, will be blotted out.

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But there are other books besides the one from the records of which judgment is meted out to the wicked, as in Rev. In Mal.

And they shall bemine, saith the Lord of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels ; and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him. Then shall ye return, and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth God and him that serveth him not. No names would be recorded therein except the names of those who enter the service of God.

But the Scriptures assure us that not all who enter upon this service will persevere and prove overcomers at last. This book will therefore show just how far they advanced in, the work of overcoming, and how and when they failed. The object of this book being to contain only the good deeds of the righteous, such as they have endeavored to perform in the name and for the sake of Christ, it must show all their acts of obedience, sacrifice, self-denial, repentance, confession, and other efforts in the Christian life.

When their life record is finished, if they have kept the faith and overcome, then this book will show, when the time conies for the examination of the books in the Judgment, that they are prepared for the ordeal, and are entitled to a favorable decision. From the records of this book their destiny must accordingly be determined, and this is the book that is to show them worthy of a part in the first resurrection, and in the world to come.

But there is still another book 'which is to be taken into account, called " the book of life. It is s'poken of also as " the Lamb's book of life. Its purpose is to contain the names of all those who have become followers of the Lamb. It is a record of those who will find deliverance in the great time of trouble. But though a person may have entered God's service, and had'his name registered in the book, of life, unles's he perseveres to the end, his name will be blotted out of that book.

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And the time when this is to be done is also indicated. It is when Christ confesses the names of his people before his Father, which must be in the investigative session with which the Judgment opens, and which results in " accounting worthy " as many as are entitled to eternal life. This blotting out of the sins of the righteous is to them an event of the utmost importance for if once blotted-out, these sins can never be ught bro against them again in the Judgment, since men give account to God only for those things which are written in the books.

No individual therefore t Vor,. And in order for the question to be determined whether they shall be blotted out or not,. We now have before us the different books which are to be brought into requisition before the Judgment is completed. The books which contain the records of the. The books of remembrance written for the righteous only, in which their names only are entered, and which contains simply their good deeds, that is, their efforts to serve God and overcome sin.

From these books all the records pertaining to those who do not succeed in overcoming will be blotted out ; for " when the righteous turneth away from his righteousness, and cornmitteth iniquity, and doeth according to all the abominations that the wicked man doeth,. The book of life, containing the names only of those who have made a profession of Christ ; from which the names of all those who finally fail to overcome are to be blotted out.

All these books are requisite to the opening Judgment scene described in Daniel 7 9, ro ; for they each contain records which are affected thereby. The first must be opened that the sins of the overcomers may be blotted therefrom the second, that all the abortive efforts of backsliders and apostates may be blotted from its pages; the third, that the names of this latter class may also be blotted from its record, leaving the names only of those who have overcome, and who are to have immortality brought to them at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

It is evident that the result othe blotting out work is to draw the final line of separation between the righteous and the wicked and decide all cases. But this, as we have seen, is just what is accomplished by the cleansing of the Sanctuary, the work of the atonement in the most holy place of the Tabernacle on high. Such, then, is the nature of the work of the investigative Judgment.

It consists in the examination of the books, the , blotting out of the sins of the overcomers, and the erasing from the book of, life of the names of all who have failed to overcome. As the object of the investigative Judgment is simply to decide who are Christ's that they may be his "at his coming" x Cor.

For those who have never made a profession of the service of God have already decided for themselves the only question which it is the object of this investigative Judgment to determine, that is, to which class, righteous or wicked they belong; for by their course of life they haye proclaimed themselves his enemies, and on that question there is nothing further to be decided in their cases.


Nor would there be anything further to be decided in case of professing Christians, if it was a fact that all who enter the service of Christ were absolutely sure of overcoming. But all do not hold out to the end ; hence the necessity of examining their. It follows, therefore, that the important book the decisive bookin this part of the Judgment, is the book of God's remembrance, containing not the names of the wicked world in general, but only of those who have professed to be followers of God. These, cases alone come up in the investigative Judgment ; for as we have seen, there is no occasion to introduce, any others at this point.

The records of this book determine whose sins shall be blotted out of the book where they are recorded, and their names retained in the book of life; and on the other hand whose. The accomplishment of this work strikes the great balance sheet of the world. The recorcls are then all complete. The blotting out of sins and names, from their respective books, is all finished. The names then remaining in the book of life show who are to be raised from the dead, and who Oar.

Let it be noticed that this branch of the Judgment work has but one specific purpose, and that is to decide the question of acceptance or rejection, life or death, for all mankind. It simply assigns all men to their respective classes, the good or the bad. It does not determine the amount of the-reward due to the righteous, or the amount of punishment to be inflicted upon the wicked. Those matters still remain to be settled by the record of the deeds of the wicked, not yet examilkd at all, and by the records of the good works of the righteous, remaining in the book of remembrance, which have thus far been examined only on the question of character.

Here Christ confesses to his Father the names of those who have confessed him before men ; and their names are not blotted from the book of life ; and here he also denies before his Father the names of those who deny him befor'e men and their names are blotted from the book of life. Thus the Father accepts through Christ all who are his ; and this being done, his part in the great work of Judgment ends.

Thenceforward all judgment is committed unto the Son. John 5 WE will briefly, notice the leading reasons given for the, supposed change of the Sabbath. The reason why the disciples were together was " for fear of the Jews," and not to celebrate Christ's resurrection. The place of their meeting was undoubtedly the upper room, where they all abode Acts I 13, and not the temple or any other house of worship. The time of this meeting must have been very late in the day, just before sunset. By the Bible mode of reckoning time, the day closed. We are forced to this conclusion from the facts stated by the other evangelists, and because St.

John declares it was evening. Luke gives an account of the journey of two disciples to Emmaus, seven and a half miles, that very afternoon, and of how Jesus made himself known to them after conversing with them and explaining the scripture predictions concerning himself, " as they sat at meat.

Jerusalem and found the' eleven gathered to- gether, and them that were with them. This must be the identical meeting spoken of by John, for he used the same expression, " Peace be unto you," and it was at the same time of day. Ile then- asked them, " Have ye here any meat " and',ate in their presence, Mark records the same nteetmg.

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He gives a brief account of the tWo as they walked arid went into the country, and. We are forced to conclude that they could mit have been celebrating or honoring Christ's resurrection for they did not believe it had occurred. We ' can see clearly how the disciples. A strange way to celebrate the day, if it was the first " Christian Sab- GoaPxl, bath.

The little flock of disciples were in a retired place, fearing the Jews, who had just crucified their Lord. A few of their number ventured out to the sepulcher to embalm the Saviour's body, and were astonished to find that it was not there. A few others went into the country; What a contrast to the origin of the Sabbath of the Lord The Creator" rested upon it " himself; then he " blessed" it, and set it apart to a sacred use, evidently by telling Adam how to keep it.

His example and command were both given in its favor. But it was a busy day.

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  6. Christ gave no example of resting upon it; he gave no command for his disciples to rest, nor did he hold any religious service on that day. Some of his disciples traveled fifteen miles on foot upon it, he keeping them company in thus laboring. Not a hint is given in all the Bible, that it should be used in any other manner than as a day for labor. Who can believe that God would in such a manner set aside the ancient Sabbath of his own appointment, and put in its place a new day, never giving a hint that the old one was, abolished or the new inaugurated We next notice the claim that it was customary for Christ to meet with his disciples on the first day of the week, thus giving evidence of his -regard for it, and proof of its sacredness.