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Cape San Blas - Barrier Dunes? Thread starter luvavacation Start date Mar 2, Joined Nov 23, We have always wanted to do a beach vacation with our dog, and this summer, we are going to do it! I picked this area because it looks to be very dog friendly but also quiet.

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However, that is all I know about the area. Oh, and that there are no grocery stores, so we have to buy food in Port St. That's all I know! Has anyone been there? Is the Barrier Dunes area a good place to be? It appears to be at the end of the Cape San Blas area, near a forest preserve or wait, is it a sand preserve? I forgot what is was called. Either way, will this area be a nice, quiet area where we can romp safely with our German Shepherd? Is there a problem with waves or undertow in this area, or is there a place I can find out about this?

Are the beaches as clean as the pictures show? Or will we find lots of broken beer bottles? What about the shelling? I saw some pictures that make it look almost like Sanibel! Is that more on the area of Cape San Blas near the mainland, or is it more on the upper portion where the Barrier Dunes area is? And if anyone has any tips on things to do or see, I would be thrilled to hear them! Like I said, we know nothing about this area, and have never been anywhere near the Florida Panhandle, so it is all new to us! Joined Aug 9, The area at the end is the state park. I have camped there before and it is beautiful.

The area is very quiet and because it juts out a bit, you can catch a beautiful sunset from the beach.

Cape San Blas, FL

The beaches are super clean, no glass, but not much shelling either. The waves are usually light, but there can be an undertow. Not to scare you too much, but there was a shark attack in the area a year or two ago. I have no idea if dogs are allowed or not on the beach. I know that walking on the actual dunes is prohibited.

We had dinner in Port St. Joe one night. I wish I could remember the name of the restaurant because it was really good. It was a big white building.

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Just looked it up. I think it was the Sunset Coastal Grill. Thanks okeydokey! From what I have been told, dogs are allowed on the beach in Cape San Blas, but not in the state park.

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All I know is that I can not wait to play with my dog on the beach, but we humans may walk to the state park when the dog is tired out and taking a mid-day nap. I will make a note of your restaurant recommendation. This is my vacation, too, and I just don't wish to cook every meal, you know?

Hmm, no good shelling? Well I suppose that is good for my dog, since walking on all the shells would probably have hurt her paws. Hopefully the hot sand won't be too much of a bother, otherwise I will be walking with a bucket of water splashing in front of her so her pads don't get burnt! Now that would be a sight! The shark sighting is not something I enjoy knowing about, but oceans are frightening to me already I prefer swimming pools. My husband has already been told that the dog is not to be taken out from shore, because I don't want her drifting away or being eaten by a shark.

My husband, he is a grown man, he can do what he wants on his own.

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My puppy must be protected! Perhaps I should look and see if there is some sort of a floating leash that I can attach to my dog and hold on to if she goes in the water. Or maybe I just shouldn't worry about it. And thanks for confirming the beautiful sunset - I have seen pictures, but now I know it is true. Can't wait to sit on the beach with my dog and family watching the sunset! JimR24 Mouseketeer. Joined Apr 5, We looked at Barrier Dunes but found another house right off the beach.

We loved the fact that there are no major hotels there. There isn't much to do but spend time with your family. We BBQ'ed just about every night. I saw a ton of dogs on the beach every morning and through out the day. I have lived on the west coast of Florida the past 15 years and only one other place compared in sunsets and that is Marco Island.

We have been trying to get back to the Cape for a vacation but my daughters softball schedule keeps getting in the way.

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If you drop me a note with your email address I will shot you some pictures. Joined Jul 18, There is good shelling in certain spots along the beach all along the coast. We have been going there over 20 years now. I love that area so much I want to retire there. It's 30 miles to PSJ so that's a haul but we don't eat out when we go there. We just relax and eat fruit and quick meals.

I absolutely love to snorkel and I do that morning, noon and night in the St Joe Bay across the street from where you're at. My favorite spot is just inside the state park. It's like being in the caribbean!! JimR24 - thanks for the picture offer! While I love a beautiful sunrise, too, at least I don't have to get up early to see a sunset!

Mamajo or anyone else , I have questions, and I hope you check back to answer them! You mentioned fruit and quick meals. Do you buy your food in Port St. Are there any little places we can walk to from Barrier Dunes for ice cream and such? I read that dogs are welcome outside of eating establishments, but I can't seem to find where the eating establishments are. We have been to the Outer Banks of NC, and really enjoyed walking for some ice cream, and in Sanibel we loved going for fish at a little place on the main road.

Or is the main road just a thru-fare with places to stay? Snorkeling, while not for me since I doubt the area you mentioned has a net around it to protect me as Castaway Cay does , it is enjoyable for my husband and children. Do you just walk to the bay and go snorkel? Or are there particular areas that are marked for snorkeling? And do you just do the same at the state park? If you drive into Port St. Joe, is it 30 miles of really slow going, with lots of pedestrian walkways and stop signs? I live out where farm roads are fast and deserted, so 30 miles is nothing, but going 5 miles in Sanibel takes forever.

Can you tell I like to know and plan for everything?