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As we begin this, let's make it clear that the tempter cannot make us do anything! If we fall into temptation it is because we did it, not because anyone made us.

What to Do When the Tempter Comes by John Osteen

That said it is time for God's people to do more that recognize the existence the tempter. Acknowledging that he exists without recognizing his work around and in our lives is comparable to acknowledging the existence of God and refusing a relationship with Him. It is a formula for destruction. Yes, temptation is all around us and in fact the Word of God says when we give into it, it is because it appeals to what is on the inside of us. So if we learn to recognize the tempter, we can use him to help us be rid of the things that have the potential to derail our walk with God.

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The tempter is good at what he does. That is why God warned us to put on the full armor of God so we could stand against his game plan. It is quite normal to be tempted, in fact it would be abnormal if we were not.

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  • However, it is not okay to give into temptation! We need to grow up and overcome the tactics of the tempter. After all, he will never tempt us to do anything good, so giving in to him leads us into sin. If we call it what it is, I think it will help us to fight harder. It may make us feel better to call it a little slip or a failure, but why not call it sin?

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    It will help us to win! I think we all know that temptation does not come just on huge things like sexual sin, murder, or robbing a bank. But even in this depleted and weakened condition, Jesus was still able to overcome these temptations. Second, the tempter comes to us when we least expect it. These temptations came right after Jesus had received approval from God in heaven. It was similar to His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, when all men proclaimed Him as Messiah. Yet very soon afterword, they were calling for His crucifixion Matt.

    It was soon after this emotional, glorious and joyous event that satan attacked. Be sober for your adversary as a roaring lion seeketh whom he may devour I Pet. The tempter hits us at our weakest points.

    Due to His fasting, Jesus was particularly hungry during His wilderness stay Matt. It is no wonder then that the tempter tempted Him to make bread out of stones.

    On another occasion, Jesus was anxious about going to Jerusalem and suffering many things at the hand of the priests and being crucified Matt. He did not need the further hindrances to His work. The tempter is the tempter, not God. Two things to note. First, the devil actively tempts us. Jesus was led into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil, not God.


    God does not tempt any man. It is God Who makes a way of escape I Cor. Second, man, himself, is also responsible, for it is his own lusts that lure him into situations of temptation. The tempter does not quit tempting. The devil does not let up on us.

    Trouble - The Tempter

    He goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour I Pet.