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The Kings and Queens of England since 1066 & how to remember them

Duchess of Cornwall helps to celebrate 7th anniversary…. Queen tells Commonwealth leaders Prince Charles should become…. Impact study of Toronto Invictus Games: raised awareness…. Prince William dons black tie for London Air…. William and Catherine meet Grenfell survivors at new…. Pakistan Royal Visit day 4: Duke and Duchess…. William and Kate pay tribute to hosts in….

Prince Harry teams up with Gareth Thomas to…. Duke and Duchess of Sussex surprise forces families…. The Duke of Sussex introduces the Invictus…. Duchess of Sussex makes appearance at official opening….

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Prince Harry gets choked up at WellChild Awards…. The Duke of Sussex returns to Nottingham on…. Prince Harry suing the Sun and the Mirror…. Countess of Wessex gives touching speech to Queen…. Busy day in Cheshire for Countess of Wessex…. The Countess of Wessex in Blackpool — dancing…. Prince Edward and Sophie continue their busy week….

Countess of Wessex ends Nairobi trip with a…. Sophie and Edward debut their new Scottish titles…. Queen visits Royal British Legion homes ahead of…. Queen hosts Cruse Bereavement at the palace to…. Queen will open Parliament without Imperial State Crown…. The Queen donates to Hurricane Dorian disaster fund. Royal diary: upcoming royal engagements th November.

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Royal diary: upcoming royal engagements 28th October —…. Royal diary: upcoming royal engagements 21stth October. Royal diary: upcoming royal engagements th October. Royal diary: upcoming royal engagements 7thth October. Have the bones of Queen Emma been found…. Bayeux Tapestry will be loaned to UK for…. Royal rewind: the funeral of Diana, Princess of…. Duke of Sussex — the title The Queen….

Debo Devonshire: Mitford girl to Duchess. Saved for the nation: Dumfries House. Lord of the Manor… Chatsworth House — the…. The American Heiresses who saved the British Aristocracy:…. El Palacio Real de Madrid: the most beautiful…. Remembering Marie Antoinette: the martyred Queen of the…. The only 2 Louis in British history: uncrowned…. Christmas and New Year traditions in Medieval and…. Margaret Beaufort — matriarch of the Tudor Dynasty. The Tower of London — long years…. The Kings and Queens of England since …. George Frederic Handel — British music for royal….

An unforgettable Royal audience: John Adams meets George…. New BBC film depicts scandalous life of Lady…. George III and his madness. Mary Astell: the first feminist? In defence of Charles I — a misunderstood….

English Monarchs - Kings and Queens of England Timeline

The forgotten Boleyn sister — Mary Boleyn. Life as the uncle of two Tudor Queens:…. Royal wedding cakes throughout the generations. Colourful characters: who was Wallis Simpson, Duchess of….


The legacy of Diana, Princess of Wales, on…. Royal rewind: the House of Windsor is born. Iconic images of Diana, Princess of Wales, now…. This page is designed to be a point of connection so that we can readily scan a list that is easy to use but can also be explored in more detail as and when it suits you. The articles about each King or Queen are connected to the wider themes and periods of history, the events and people that influenced British History during a given reign.

Our aim is to make this easier than is possible in a linear text, so that in less time and with more ease you can browse and choose which King or Queen, Historic Period, Royal House or related subject of British History you would like to explore. Reign Monarch Period Anglo Saxon period???

Together they would found the Plantagenets a formidable and unbroken line of English Monarchs. Edward is the 1st York King with claims to Royal bloodlines from both sets of grand-parents. Anglo Saxon period. Cenwulf of Mercia. House of Wessex. House of Denmark.

Top 11 monarchs in British history

Cnut Canute. Harold I Harefoot. The Normans to Henry I. Stephen I.